How to Use the Original Design of a Docentric SSRS Report

For an active Docentric SRS report the built-in SSRS print destinations and the original report template, i.e. original Report Design can be used along Docentric print destinations and the corresponding Docentric report templates.

This option can be set up on the Reporting parameters form located in Company/System administration/Setup/Docentric AX/Reporting -> Reporting parameters.

Beside the SRS print destinations can be used along Docentric print destinations option, there two more useful options for using Docentric templates instead of built-in SSRS Report Designs in case of a report preview (i.e. when a report is executed to Screen). They are turned on by default. This way, for example, you can use the built-in Original preview and Copy preview buttons for previewing purchase order, customer invoice, etc. Read more about these flags >>

You can also see how this works on the concrete example.

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