Docentric SSRS Reports

With Docentric AX you can enhance the design, output management and handling of built-in transactional SSRS reports:

  • You can design reports as Word documents. Learn more >>
  • You can also print reports as Word documents.
  • There is no differences between a previewed and printed report.
  • No coding is required to improve the design of built-in SSRS reports.
  • If you want to add some new data to a report, you can do it without changing the report temporary tables. No report deployment or AOS restart is needed to see the effect of data or design changes.
  • You will use improved report print destinations. Learn more >>
  • You can dynamically change report execution settings.
  • Reports will be executed faster and without long warm-up times.
  • Smart and easy to use report setup. Learn more >>
  • Simplified report deployment. Learn more >>
  • Superior support for multilingual reports. Learn more >>

Learn in this section:

We prepared real world examples with walkthroughs for your rapid start with Docentric SSRS reports.