Docentric Word Templates

With Docentric AX you can drastically improve development of built-in Document Template Libraries, i.e. Word Templates:

  • You can use class based data sources. Besides queries, you can use an X++ code (data providers) to gather data in the context of the Primary Table record and shape/nest/calculate them according to your needs.
  • When you update a data source in X++/query, you won't have to start to build the template from start. The document data source will be refreshed in the Docentric AX designer as expected.
  • Docentric AX Template Designer is actually MS Word with a special Add-In that lets you design your templates in Word just like any other document, using all Word’s powerful features. Learn more >>
  • Superior template design - repeating blocks, nested tables, bulleted lists, images and shapes bound to your data sources, realistic preview, etc. are at your disposal. Learn more >>
  • Template storage can be on SharePoint or file system (e.g. network drives).
  • You can also generate a Word document from the template on the server side. Useful for scenarios in batch.
  • Support for multilingual Word Templates. Learn more >>

Learn in this section:

We prepared real world examples with walkthroughs for your rapid start with Docentric Word Templates.