How to Use More Than One Template for a Report

Each report has exactly one corresponding Data Source Package (i.e. one DSP class) and one or more templates. These templates have to use the same Data Source Package. But only one of them can be default for a particular company and language. This also applies to company- and language- neutral templates. These templates that have the Language and Company field empty.

Template ID has to be globally unique across all Docentric reports. Identical Template IDs can be used for more templates of a single report as long as they have been set up for the different companies and languages. If the company/language of a template is not set, the template is company/language-neutral, i.e. valid for all companies/languages.

The Is default flag is applied to all templates with the same Template ID. This means that the default template is determined considering the Is default flag in the report setup, current company and the selected Language on the report dialog form. The current user language is used by default if Language is omitted.

When a Basic report is executed, the default template is selected and shown on the report print dialog form.

If the report has more than one template and we want to use a non-default template, we can:

  • Choose the alternative template on the report dialog form:

  • Or we can change a selected template dynamically during report execution. Learn how >>

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