Docentric Basic Reports

With Docentric AX we can improve design and output management of existing SSRS reports by reusing their RDP classes. But if we need to create a new report that doesn’t exist yet, then the most effective approach is to use Docentric Basic reports.

Basic reports represents a completely new lightweight reporting stack. With Basic reports you can:

  • Prepare report data fast without temporary tables - you can simply traverse through the needed data in X++ and shape/nest/calculate them as needed using Docentric AX APIs.
  • Update report without restart of AOS or any other service - if you add a report parameter, a field or a child table to your report data source, you will see your updates immediately.
  • Have a rapid start - for each new report the wizard generates the report artifacts and your only task is to define the report parameters and provide report data in X++.
  • Use improved print destinations - you can send a report to multiple print destinations, immediately open or attach the report output file, use placeholders in print destinations, etc.
  • Design and also print reports as Word documents.
  • Have lightweight report deployments - all you need to do is to x-copy report templates to their storage location (network share or SharePoint).

Learn in this section:

We prepared real world examples with walkthroughs for your rapid start with Docentric Basic reports.