Video Ana Gligorijević shares Docentric story to inspire young minds: “How to Build a Successful Global Business”

Gymnasium France Prešeren in Kranj, Slovenia, recently invited Ana Gligorijević, our co-founder and CEO, to give a talk to third grade students about the dynamic world of entrepreneurship. 🚀

Ana's interactive and engaging presentation provided first-hand insights into building a global business from scratch 🌱, with our company serving as a shining example. As a company based in Kranj, Docentric story is proof that local companies can indeed succeed globally.

Students learned:

🪁 how Ana and Jure built Docentric from the ground up to become the global leader in #D365 reporting,
🎬 what it takes to start your own company – from the idea to the product to the team,
🫶 how values and a positive company culture contribute to the team’s success,
🧭 what to consider when choosing the right career for yourself,
✳️ the significance of acting socially responsible, breaking down stereotypes and encouraging more girls to pursue a career in IT or engineering,
💡the opportunities and pitfalls of artificial intelligence and the critical importance for young people to think critically in today’s world.

Many thanks 🙏 to Natalija Majes and Gymnasium France Prešeren for the invitation and the opportunity to educate and inspire the young generation.

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Docentric respects your privacy. Learn how your comment data is processed >>