Versioning of Docentric templates

Hello Docentric,

I would like to ask you about template storage options: what are the options for storing report templates? In particular, I am interested in the options related to versioning, retention and recovery of templates.

Hello Michael, thank you for your question.

Docentric templates are Word (.docx) files that use Word’s internal structure to contain metadata required by the report generation engine.

Let’s start with the Docentric technical architecture overview in the diagram below.

As you can see, we can use the following storage options for Docentric report templates:

  • Azure Blob storage
  • SharePoint
  • Compiled model in D365FO

On-premise environments can also use the File system to store the templates.

Versioning of templates - recovery/restore options

Here we need to distinguish two scenarios: Design phase and Usage phase.

During the design phase, users ensure that they protect their ongoing work with the features available in their environment:

  • Use of the Backup option in Word
  • Use of versioning in SharePoint
  • Daily backups of their systems where they store template files during the design process

In the usage phase, versioning/restore/recovery again depends on the environment:

  • Versioning in SharePoint
  • Versioning in Azure Blob storage
  • Versioning in Team Foundation Server, if the templates are distributed via model installation

Users can also disable and keep previous template versions in the Docentric Report setup:

It is also possible to use Deployment tools to export/import report configuration and download/upload templates: >>

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I hope this helps. Let me know if you need anything else on this topic!