Space between table and Footer

Hi All,
I have an issue in my Docentric report that I have a table before the footer. The content of the table is one row, but with dynamic values, I am trying to make the space between table and footer fixed. Any hints?

Hello Waed,

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Would you mind sharing more information about your project? It would be great if you could provide us with some screenshots and the template you’re currently working on. This way, we’ll have a better understanding of your situation and can provide more helpful solutions.

Thank you!

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Hi Blaz,
I have created a table above the footer, where the table is filled with dynamic text.
I want the space between the table and the footer to always be fixed regardless of the length text.
As you can see from the two images below. The space between the table and the footer is changing based on the text length. How can I make it fixed?

Hi @Waed,

You can try extending the footer for another row above the blue line while keeping the blue line and all other footer content at the same place. This will create a fixed space (that you can manage by altering the row height) on top of the footer.

You can try it and let me know if it works for you.

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Hi @SemirT ,

I tried it; it seems logical, but unfortunately it does not work because the space after the table becomes very large.

Hello @Waed, if more data is to be displayed in the footer, this behavior is to be expected. However, you can try to set a fixed height for the table rows, but in this case, the data will be hidden if there is not enough space in the footer to display it.

I hope you see that it is not very effective to help you without having the possibility to test the solution directly on the template. If you can not solve the problem, please share your template with us, and we will take a look at it. If your template contains sensitive information, we recommend that you open a support ticket instead.