Skip line by adding condition in list object

I would like to know if it is possible to skip an entire line in a list object. For example, I need to print the whsshippingpicklist report and if the worktype of the line is Put, I do not want to print this line because it is already specified in the header.

Currently, I added a condition on each fields of the list. It is working but the report prints an empty line, and sometimes my report footer is on another page even if there is place on the first page.

Hi @stephane ,

You can omit certain records from the list by using filtering with . For example if you want to omit records where WorkType is not equal to Put, you would use this expression (example please set it up according to your data source) as a value of the List tagging element:

WHSSHippingPickListLine[@WorkType != ‘Put’]

This will output only lines where @WorkType value is not equal to ‘Put’.