Restricted printers mode: Full restriction

I have the Free Edition of Docentric version set up in my environment, and I’m trying to use the restricted printers functionality to prevent a particular printer from being used in most cases. This works for the Docentric destinations, but the printer is still available via the SSRS destinations, despite having the Restricted printers mode parameter set to Full restriction.

I’d appreciate any thoughts on what could be causing this and how to resolve.

Thank you in advance.

Hi, please send me a screenshot of your current setup:

Next, open Restricted printers > Set up by printer:

Locate the printer and make a screenshot of the allowed reports for this report:

It is also important where you have the Unregistered reports token. You can read more about this from the following manual:

Restricted printers mode:

Set up by Printer:

Docentric printer options, hiding printer as intended

SSRS printer options, showing printer that it shouldn’t:

Thank you for your feedback and the screenshots.

What you experienced is intentional and due to some technical limitations. With Full restriction, the restriction is applied to both Docentric printer and the SSRS printer.

As you have already noticed, the printer lookup in the print destination shows the list of allowed printers only in the case of the Docentric printer, while for the SSRS printer it still shows all available printers.

At runtime, however, validation is performed in both cases. Thus, if a non-allowed printer is selected as SSRS printer, a runtime error is triggered.

Thank you. I didn’t recognize the difference in behavior between SSRS vs Docentric. Choosing a SSRS printer that should be restricted does indeed appropriately throw an error when trying to run a report that doesn’t allow it:

Hi, I am glad the feature works as expected.

Thank you very much for your feedback!!