Report output filename contains unresolved placeholders. But all report specific placeholders for custome report missing?

Hello all,

What setting do I need to make when I have a custom DSP class to get my report related placeholders to show up?

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To get the placeholders working, you only need to specify a proper DSP class in the Report setup form.

Check for the DSP (Data source provider) class in the Data source section and point it to a proper DSP class. Please note that if you have created a custom DSP class which you would like to use on your report, you will need to include the placeholders in this DSP class as well.

As I can see from the screenshots you have provided, you are using a custom WWIFreeTextInvoiceReport… DSP class. Like I mentioned, this DSP class needs to include placeholders for them to work.

Hello Blaž,
Is there a Docentric support page that talks about what needs to be in the custom DSP class (adding data to a report).

My custom class for the FreeTextInvoice extends DocFreeTextInvoiceReportDSP. In that case the placeholders are not coming through.

For my other custom class for Purchase Orders, I have that one set to extends DocPurchPurchaseOrderReportDSP and my placeholders seem to be working there.

I’m using How to Add Additional Data to a Docentric SSRS Report - Docentric AX but I can’t find advice on the Placeholder reference.

If it helps we are on a full paid maintenance contract.

Thanks again. :slight_smile:

Hello @JTWWI,

Extending our DocFreeTextInvoiceReportDSP class should already bring our standard placeholders in place, and this should work as it works for your DocPurchPurchaseOrderReportDSP class.

Since you have a Technical Support plan, I would kindly like to ask you to send the DocFreeTextInvoiceReportDSP class to our Support team ( One of the developers will take a look at it, and try to find where the issue lies.

False alarm!

PEBKAC. Problem exists between keyboard and chair. (I use this term only on myself, not on others!)

If the ‘Is Active’ toggle is set to “Off” on the Docentric AX Reports page, the placeholders list for All Report Specific Placeholders is empty.
But if it is set to “On” then it works fine.

Case closed!


Thanks for the feedback! :smiley: Seems even the mightiest of tech mysteries can sometimes be solved with the simplest of switches. Happy coding!

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