Printing notes on invoices

I am trying to figure out how to add the notes field to an invoice template. I have tried all the notes that I can see available.

Just wondering if I am missing something.
Please see the attached screenshots
Notes on Invoices.docx (215.3 KB)

If these notes are not easily added, are there other fields that can be used?
Thank you

Hi Rudi.

Based on the screenshot in your file, the note you’d like to add to your template is actually an attachment. This means it’s not available in the DDSP file out of the box.

Depending on your business case and the desired final outcome, you have three options:

  1. If you are emailing the report, you can print the note as an attachment using our additional attachment rules: Report Attachments - Docentric AX. Keep in mind this option does not solve your issue if you are trying to add these notes directly in the report template.

  2. You can customize the DSP class so it includes the note in the data source. This will allow you to add the notes directly in the template for your Docentric report.

  3. Considering you found multiple Notes fields in the data source, you can check if you can define the notes per individual Free Text Invoice records, and use another Note field instead of the attachment note. I can see there is one Note field on the Free Text Invoice Lines, there are Header Notes, etc.

Hope this helps!


I haven’t used this in free text invoice so not sure if it’s the same but we are relying heavily on attached notes in both invoicing templates and electronic formats. It’s important that the attachment has Restriction = External, otherwise it will not be visible on external documents nor in the model


Hopefully that helps, we have made some customizations to the invoice model mapping to handle attachment notes in a specific fashion for us but the simplest attachments should work for regular sales invoices at least.


Very helpful!

Thank you Eva and Gustav