Print Management settings for Docentric destinations fails

I am receiving a data management Execution Summary :: Import Execution status of ‘Partially succeeded’ when trying to import an Excel file of print management settings. This is in a UAT LCS hosted environment.

Most of the staging data error lines related to Docentric I think. Though the error data is not clear to me.

Anyone have any insights into what I can do to look into this problem?

  • Jim

Hi Jim,

First thing to look at is our manual. It seems that you didn’t consult it, because you are using Excel format, which is for some special and more advanced cases, while for the regular export/import scenarios please follow the exact steps specified in the manual.

Hello Sanja,

Thanks for the tip. I’ll have to update our methods.

No, I didn’t look at the manual. Sorry, too many other things to do right now. I’m just following the procedure left by the last administrator. There is only time to follow existing procedures. I would like to check with vendors about new procedures, but often there is no time for that. I’m sure you can empathize.

Do I have to have two sets of print management settings transfers between environments, one for non-Docentric reports and one for Docentric reports? I’m still learning about print management settings so I’m unsure.

  • Jim

Print management is a standard D365FO feature. There isn’t really such thing as “Docentric report”, but there is only a report that is configured in the Docentric report setup with additional special actions to be taken when that particular report is executed. Therefore, data entity handles all Print management settings in a same way, regardless of report being registered with Docentric or not.

Hello Sanja,

Excellent thanks! Now I understand better. When learning to be a D365 technical admin, there’s so much to learn, and it can seem like there are frameworks of frameworks. It takes a while to comprehend it all correctly.

Best Regards,

  • Jim

Hello Sanja,
In the manual it says set the Entity to be “Docentric Print Management Settings Package”
but all I can find in our environment is “Docentric Print Management Settings”
Is this the same thing?

  • Jim

When I follow the manual best possible, I ended up setting this:

But that resulted in this output:

I must have set something incorrectly I’m thinking?

I think I may have found the source… the manual from Docentric does say have 3.4.0 or higher installed… but I’m trying to export from production ( to PreProduction (… so… I’m thinking this is incompatible.

Hi JTWWI, just as you learned from the manual, version should be 3.4.0 or higher, and additionally if the versions are not the same on the source and target environment, one might encounter incompatibility issues. With version 3.4.0 we introduced the Docentric Print Management Package data entity, which is much safer version than the one without the Package suffix.