Print destination Docentric - XML file format


Here i cannot able to map / change the fields mapped in XML file which is exporting the project, here i want to know the technical workflow of XML file format report exporting which configuring in print destination setting.

mentioned the screenshot for reference.

Kindly help us to resolve this.

Hello Essakkiappan,

Welcome to Docentric Forum. Unfortunately, I am not sure what you are asking.

Note that you are currently using placeholders for dynamic file naming. You can read more about the placeholders from the following how-to manual:

You can also tell us know the desired file name you want to apply to the generated report.


I want to know the fields which xml files are export from project invoice form.

While clicking this use print destination.

It will download xml file of this report.

Here this xml file fields are mapped from which data source and can we able to change this data fields?

Can you able to understand.


Docentric can generate XML files, but these are XML files with DDSP structure.
Your XML was not generated with Docentric. It seems it was generated with BottomLine.
Note that BottomLine Precision Forms extends the same part of D365FO reporting like Docentric and can conflict with out solution.
Docentric Full Edition supports all features of BottomLine Precision Forms and more.

Thanks @MihaV for your response.

I need a solution regarding this precision designer. How can we customize the data source and fields in xml file?

Is your question related to Docentric or Precision Form? This is a Docentric Forum where we and the community help people on Docentric related questions. Your question does not seem to be Docentric related, but if it is, please explain more details.


Ok can you explain how the docentric generate xml files ? as you mentioned previous post?


When you print to Docentric print destinations and select XML output format you will get the XML file in DDSP format. It contains report data provided by DSP class specified in Docentric report setup. Install Docentric SSRS Replicas to get report templates and report specific DSP classes for commonly used reports. You can add additional data by code (in child DSP class that derives from existing DSP class). So you can bring in the XML any data you want, but the basic schema will remain as it is.

Note that the XML from you screenshot is not generated with Docentric. If you want to use Docentric print destinations you will probably have to uninstall BottomLine Precision Forms.