Possibility of email account used for Docentric causing account lockout

Hi all,

I’m using a central mailbox to send emails using Docentric. The email account seems to become locked out and therefore the sending fails every few days. Is there any possibility that the locking out is related to Docentric? No user actually logs into the account to use Outlook as normal.


Hi Michael,

Have you checked the logs on your email server and domain controllers to see if the logs hold the information about what is locking the account? If you haven’t checked the logs yet, please check that as the first troubleshooting step. I suggest connecting with your internal IT team to help you access those logs.

If you find the reason is Docentric, please open a ticket at support@docentric.com and send us the logs. If the reason is not Docentric, I suggest consulting with your IT team to address the root cause.

@MBates237 I also wish to add that Docentric is just a standard email client sending emails using SMTP (or Exchange) protocol. The mail server might apply some sending limits and other restrictions, but from your description, it seems more like a transient error on the email server.

I suggest you check the errors in Email history, Batch email sending status\Sending log, or on the mail server. If the errors are transient we recommend sending emails using Email processing and setting automatic retries on the Retry schedule form.

Thanks for the responses Eva, I didn’t think Docentric would be the cause but my first line colleagues wanted me to check. There are no errors other than the authentication issue when I try to send a test email.

If authentication issues (found in the logs) are rare and transient, then sending emails using Email processing with automatic retries is probably the best solution. Still it would be good to find in the mail server logs what is the reason behind the rejections.

The use of Docentric itself is unlikely to directly cause an email account to become locked out. However, there could be other factors such as incorrect login credentials or account lockout policies that might be causing the issue.
It’s recommended to review the email server logs or consult with the email service provider for further investigation.

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