One or more parameters (_spSiteUrl, _extUserId) are not set

there’s only 2 users that see this error when they try to print a report create with docentric:

It says that “One or more parameters (_spSiteUrl, _extUserId) are not set.”.

What could it be the problem? We have a sharepoint where all the report are uploaded and the 2 users have access to the sharepoint…

All other users are able to print the same reports.

Thank you

Could you send us a screenshot of that report setup where we also can see the setup for templates?


Hi Marija,

the error occurs when printing any report created with docentric, but only for this user; I’ll put you some screens.



I don’t know if you need some specifics information, please let me know.

Thank you

Hi, since you also contacted Docentric support, we continued troubleshooting there.

There are several possible reasons for this issue. We suggested upgrading Docentric, but that can not be the problem since you are already using the latest version.

We then focused on whether or not the problematic users have the ExternalId. You can check this in the All Users table:


To obtain an ExternaId, please log in to D365FO as this user. You will find more information from the following manual:

Without an ExternalId, a user cannot print to SharePoint. If a user tries to use SharePoint without the ExternalId, it will result in the same error message:
“One or more parameters (_spSiteUrl, _extUserId) are not set”.

But as you told us, the users who had issues did not have an ExternalId even though they are logged in, belong to the same Azure AD, and are internal users.

We recommend you contact your administrator to find out why the ExternalIds are missing, and then possibly engage Microsoft if that does not yield results.

Would you please keep us in the loop of what you find out?