Need page breaks after each pick work id

We often have multiple work ids on each pick list which need to be printed on different pages to distribute to different warehouse workers. I need to add a page break after each work id on a multi-work pick list. I’ve added a normal MSWord page break to the end of the group which works, but it always adds a final (and unwanted) page break on the last work id - causing an extra blank page to print. Is there a way to conditionally add the page break so it doesn’t add the final blank page?

Thank you.

Hi Paul,

Typically, adding a page break inside a group tagging element results in an extra page in the template after the group tagging element similar to what you can see in the screenshot below.


Here are a few steps you can try to resolve the problem:

  1. Delete any unnecessary and empty paragraphs inside the empty group tagging element that is causing the extra page in your template. If that results in the entire group being deleted, consider option 2.
  2. Select the entire empty paragraph in the empty group tagging element and set the font size to 1. Also, make sure to remove any extra spacing before or after this paragraph.

I’ve attached one of our replicas to show you how we have implemented this solution in our templates (see page 2 of the template).


If you cannot resolve the issue, please share your template and we will take a look. If your template includes sensitive information, I recommend opening a support ticket instead.