Necessary requirement to start Docentric

Hello all,

I have one doubt. We just started using Docentric and we are seeking some clarity on shall we need to make SSRS report or not?

Do we need to make an SSRS report first and then use it for making a Docentric report in D365 F&O.

Or we can directly use Docentric software and make new reports (Invoice, Packing slip etc) without the SSRS tool.

Please confirm.

Hi Amit,

Docentric runs on top of SSRS report and reading of data occurs in SSRS pipeline, Docentric DSP (data source provider) class then intercepts the data and reshapes it in most cases.
To get started, you’ll need an SSRS report, register it in the Docentric report table, and enjoy the enhancements Docentric provides for your SSRS reports.

We encourage you to explore the wealth of resources available on the internet. Our Feature List - Docentric AX provides insights into the specific areas addressed by Docentric, while the Docentric AX Blog and Docentric - YouTube channel offer in-depth discussions and visual guides. Additionally, our collection of How-To Manuals D365FO - Docentric AX offers step-by-step guidance.