Multiple Selection Docentric Report

I’m a newbie of docentric for D365FO!

I created a custom report starting from the VendTable form and selecting only one supplier it works perfectly!

Selecting multiple suppliers how can I print them in a single report on multiple pages?

When I select multiple suppliers it prints only the last one selected

thank you very much for the help

Hi Edoardo,

Thank you for your post! I need a little bit more information about your scenario. Did you create a custom report from scratch, following the example from our blog article? If you didn’t, can you explain what did you do?

Yes! I follow this tutorial! RecId is the only parameter! But i want to pass all RecId from all selected vendors in vendtable form!

Select multiple vendors in VendTable —-> Press MenuItem for the report ——> Print all Vendors selected in more pages with the same template!

“Vendor 1” in one Page,”Vendor 2”in second Page …

Now it work only for one Vendor! When i select more vendors, print only the last Vendor selected!

Thanks so much

You can generate DDSP file when you run the report and see if it contains just one record or all of them. If the DDSP contains all records, then verify your template, if you are using List tagging element correctly. To get the DDSP file select you report in Docentric AX reports form and then select Settings > Generation options and set Generate DDSP when report runs = Yes.

If the DDSP file contains report data for one record only, you are either not processing input parameters correctly, or you are not properly processing each of the records. Try to debug the execution and see what you get.

DDSP contains only one record! Contract class is the same that there is in tutorial! Return only one recid! I try to put manually in DSP class but always one record!

Edoardo, please submit your complete customization to Docentric support ( and we will continue resolving this issue from there.

Thanks so much!

i send the mail!

Hi Edoardo,

The code you sent us for review contains standard SSRS classes (contract, data provider, controller) required to start and execute the SSRS pipeline. I hope you understand that the standard D365FO (including SSRS) is not in the scope of Docentric support.

Just as a note, based on what we can see at first glance: Your contract returns only one RecId, which explains why only the last selected vendor is included in the data source. Without going deeper into the explanations of the standard, it seems that you need a query or a record list, or a list of RecIds instead. You could look at some of the similar standard SSRS reports and see how that is done by the book.

Once you have corrected the SSRS part of the code so that all selected RecIds reach our DSP class, we would be happy to help. In other words: Your DDSP file should contain several records, each with the appropriate RecId. You can then add the rest of the fields using our DSP class.