Multiple "If" statements with "or" comparasion

I’m trying to add an iif statement with 8 total possible conditions. The iif seems to be a Boolean function.

Can you please share the correct format ? See below.

iif(PurchOrderHeader/@DlvTerm=‘A08’, “EX-WORKS8”, “EX-WORKS8”)
iif(PurchOrderHeader/@DlvTerm=‘A09’, “EX-WORKS9”, “EX-WORKS9”)
iif(PurchOrderHeader/@DlvTerm=‘A10’, “EX-WORKS10”, “EX-WORKS10”)
iif(PurchOrderHeader/@DlvTerm=‘A11’, “EX-WORKS11”, “EX-WORKS11”)
iif(PurchOrderHeader/@DlvTerm=‘A12’, “EX-WORKS12”, “EX-WORKS12”)
iif(PurchOrderHeader/@DlvTerm=‘A13’, “EX-WORKS13”, “EX-WORKS13”)

Hi @HellerIT!

By the first look of it, it seems the structure of the expression is incorrect.

Please try the following expression instead:

iif(PurchOrderHeader/@DlvTerm=‘A08’, ‘EX-WORKS8’,
iif(PurchOrderHeader/@DlvTerm=‘A09’, ‘EX-WORKS9’,
iif(PurchOrderHeader/@DlvTerm=‘A10’, ‘EX-WORKS10’,
iif(PurchOrderHeader/@DlvTerm=‘A11’, ‘EX-WORKS11’,
iif(PurchOrderHeader/@DlvTerm=‘A12’, ‘EX-WORKS12’,
iif(PurchOrderHeader/@DlvTerm=‘A13’, ‘EX-WORKS13’, ’ '))))))

While I cannot test my expression without a template, I believe the expression should resolve the issue.

If the issue persists, please provide me with your template and a DDSP file so I can take a look. I recommend omitting any information that might be sensitive before providing the template, though.