Issue with Sending Downloaded Emails from D365FO Using Shared Email Address

Recently, a user reported a problem while attempting to manually send an email generated in D365FO via Outlook, resulting in an undeliverable email.

Apparently, the problem was related to the use of a shared email address as the sender account. Although Docentric supports the use of additional email sender accounts, this has caused concern due to the reported undeliverable emails. We have investigated and reproduced the problem and also found a solution.

Description of the Problem

Docentric AX enables email generation from D365FO, allowing users to download emails (below, 2) for manual modifications or addition of attachments. The Docentric Email print destination also permits configuring the sender email address, including shared email addresses (3).

Expected Behavior

Users with necessary privileges expected seamless sending from Outlook when selecting the Download email before sending option, generating an EML file as the download format.

05 the generated EML file is ready to open

The EML file opened in Outlook is ready to be sent:

However, sending the downloaded email resulted in an undeliverable email.

Reproduced: Undeliverable Email with Shared Email Address

Sending the generated email from Outlook using the shared email address resulted in an undeliverable message despite user privileges.

An example of the error message received from the email server:

Undeliverable: Docentric :: Your invoice number CIV-000088
Your message did not reach some or all of the intended recipients.
Subject: Docentric :: Your invoice number CIV-000088
Sent: 12/22/2023 11:46 AM

The following recipient(s) cannot be reached:
‘’ on 12/22/2023 11:46 AM
This message could not be sent. You do not have the permission to send the message on behalf of the specified user.

Diagnostic information for administrators:

Error is [0x80070005-0x000004dc-0x00000524]

Strange Error Despite User Privileges

As we can see above, an error was encountered despite the user having privileges for sending emails on behalf of the specified shared email account. We, therefore, tested the ability to send emails with Outlook using the same shared address and found out that we can use this address without any problems:

Solution Found: Reselecting Shared Email Account

After investigation, a solution was discovered. After opening the original EML file generated in D365, simply reselecting the same shared email account in the From field ensured successful email sending.

With this simple modification, we successfully sent the EML from Outlook using the selected shared email account.

Testing the EML Message Created in Outlook

To prove that the behavior described above is not only related to emails generated by Docentric, we also tested sending an email created in Outlook using the same shared address. To do this, we first installed the MessageExport add-in for Outlook, which enables messages to be exported as EML files.

When opening and sending the saved email message - without modifying the sender address - we found the same result: an undeliverable email. However, reselecting the sender’s account has again solved the issue.


This behavior seems to be a limitation of Outlook, as undeliverable emails persist when sending EML files created in Outlook. After extensive testing, we have found that a manual change of the sender address is required for successful sending when using shared email accounts.