Issue displaying all order lines

Hello Support Team,

We are building out a report that needs to display sales order lines, I noticed the report I have created is not displaying all line items, Example in below screenshot it should have 2 lines but instead it is showing the same order line 2 times

Before this I was facing issue with CONVERSION_ERROR so I followed this post and it Conversion error in a template - #3 by JernejV

I added [1] into the expression for the fields in lines maybe its because of that ? Because before adding [1] into the expression I was seeing data getting repeated multiple times, E.g VNM would show up like VNMVNMVNMVNM


Hi @Manpreet_M,

By adding [1] to the expression for the fields, you’re telling the system to always show the first value in the list. That’s why you keep getting the same value.

The main thing to check is that the fields’ binding source is the Data context, not Main Data or anything else, as mentioned in Jernej’s post.


I suggest checking out the video tutorial on list tagging elements. It explains everything clearly and provides a sample demonstration.