Is Docentric product secure?

Our IT Department and their Network Security Resources used Hybrid-Analysis to review Docentric and received some reported malicious indicators.

In order to help reduce the concerns here, can Docentric provide assurance that the product is malware free and also provide the most recent SOC II Type II controls report?

Hi @Michael,

Thank you for contacting us regarding your concerns. We at Docentric, prioritize the trust that clients have in our products and remain dedicated to ensuring top-notch security and reliability of our software.

Assurance of Malware-Free Docentric Designer Product:

Docentric Designer, having been installed on numerous end-user machines without any security issues, confirms its safety.
Utilizing the WIX installer, the setup process registers the designer as an MS Word add-in, a procedure that adheres to industry standards and is non-detrimental to your computing environment.
This demonstrates our adherence to standard technological practices, and the consistent successful installations underline our commitment to delivering a product free from malicious content.

Explanation Regarding Hybrid Analysis Findings:

The concerns regarding the Hybrid Analysis predominantly relate to how the WIX installer integrates our designer with MS Word. It’s crucial to understand that these indicators are innocuous and part of a standard setup mechanism. They don’t signify any harmful intent or behavior.
We have rigorously reviewed the setup process and can affirm that the registration of the designer to MS Word follows established protocols. We want to reiterate that these indicators have been seen as common in many standard installation processes, assuring you that they are not indicative of any underlying security flaws.

Software Security Scanning with SonarQube and VirusTotal:

To reinforce our commitment to the software’s security, we routinely examine Docentric Designer with SonarQube, a renowned code quality and security inspection tool. The attached recent SonarQube report file: 2022-07-25 Docentric AX Report Engine with Designer CWE Scan Report v6.1.30.pdf (772.6 KB)
is available for your review.
Moreover, we have employed VirusTotal, a service using multiple antivirus engines, to validate our software’s safety. The exhaustive scan results, available here: VirusTotal, provide a more comprehensive view of our software’s security.
These tools are recognized globally for their effectiveness in detecting and preventing potential vulnerabilities. Their consistent validation of our software serves to bolster the trust you can place in our product.

In conclusion, our dedication to adhering to the strictest security protocols remains with each version release. We are committed to upholding the highest standards of security. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please let us know here or by contacting our support directly at

Wishing you a great weekend ahead,