Invoice email destination account

I would ask if it is possible to send the invoice document through Docentric via email to the email address that is present in the contact information table, under the customer address that has purpose = “Invoice”.
In other world, a customer can have more addresses and each of them has a purpose and one or more contact information associated (for example the email address).

Currently the invoice email can be sent to the Email address with purpose = “Invoice” that is present in the contact information table of the Customer (not related to the Customer address as we need).
Can you help me?

Hi Valentina,

Yes, it is possible. You could use the email tokens to resolve the email addresses of the customers depending on the purpose.

Docentric uses the standard SSRS and Print Management framework. Since email tokens and contact purposes are standard, Docentric knows how to handle them.

In the email print destination settings, you should use @Invoice@” email token in the “To” field to dynamically set the email address based on the purpose.