Invalid Report "The report has no template assigned"


I added a new Report to the Docentric environment and also assigned the Word Document template, but the system is not accepting the World Document.


What extra step do I need to validate the Template already added. See attached.
Invalid template.docx (98.9 KB)

Hello @HellerIT,

As you noticed, when a custom SSRS report is first registered, there are no templates associated with it, which leads to a validation error.

However, once you have uploaded a custom template, you have the option to Validate the report (1).

When registering a custom SSRS report, selecting the correct report-specific DSP (Data Source Provider) class is critical. In your case, this should be the DocSalesQuotationDSP class.

(Note that selecting the Default DSP class may cause some of the features available in the Full Edition to not work correctly. For more details, please refer to the how-to manual)

Also, the DSP class you selected (3) should match the DDSP you used to design your custom template (4). In case there is a difference between these, the validation will not succeed.

After you have initiated the validation, please inform us about the result :+1:

Jernej, suggestion applied, problem fixed. Thanks !!!

Hello @HellerIT, thank you very much for your feedback.