Iif Statment Assistance!

I need to write a iif statement for Wind Direction.

The DDSP files shows: WindDirection=“O”>

I need the statement to show, if O, then CSO, but if I, CSI.

I have tried numerous ways to try to get this to work.

Latest was:
iif(SalesConfirmLines/@WindDirection = ‘O’, ‘CSO’,‘CSI’)

But the template results show CSI when it should be CSO.
Would anyone be able to help me with this?

Hi Celina,

It would be helpful to see the template and the DDSP file to identify why this is happening. If the DDSP file includes sensitive data, I recommend you send it to our support email support@docentric.com and reference this forum post. Otherwise, you are welcome to post both the template and the DDSP file here.