If tagging element on child element

Hi all,

I have below situation in my DDSP. Teh goal is to print only the DocuRef/Notes with Restrictions 1

	<SalesConfirmHeader []>
		<DocuRef Name="" Notes="please send by pirate ship">
			<AttachmentsRestrictions_RLN Value="0" Name="Internal" Text="Internal" />
		<DocuRef Name="" Notes="E T phone home">
			<AttachmentsRestrictions_RLN Value="1" Name="External" Text="External" />

I have tried several ideas, preview shows me always both or non Notes. I tried a list but then I have two rows, on empty, one includes bots Notes. How can I achieve to print only the note with restrivtion 1?


Hi @StefanVollbrecht,

Could you please send your template and DDSP file to our support email?
This will help me provide you with a proper solution based on your data structure.

Thank you!

Hi Amir,

I have send you the files

Hi @StefanVollbrecht,

I could not find your email in the support inbox.

typo in address. mail re-send

Hi @StefanVollbrecht,

I looked at your template and found that the easiest way to achieve the desired result is to use the field tagging element and apply the filter to it.

SalesConfirmHeader/DocuRef[AttachmentsRestrictions_RLN/@Value = ‘1’]/@Notes

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