How to modify PSAProjInvoice.Report in order to get delivery location line instead of Item line

Hello dear,
Im trying to get Delivry location line from PSAProjInvoice.Report, Below Result wanted:

done some modification on groups but didnt get to much:

Do you what kine of modification need to be done on groups in order to get that?
Thanks @JernejV any advice

Hello Momo, thank you for your question.

We need more information to answer and address your challenge :slightly_smiling_face:

If you print the project invoice report as an SSRS-based document, is this data visible on the generated document? If not, please let me know the path to the form in D365 where the delivery location is visible.

Next, attach the latest copy of the template you are working on along with a data source (DDSP) that contains the data you want to see in the report. Please name the data fields in the DDSP that contain the data you want to group and display in your report. An example:

Also, your screenshots appear to be of poor quality. Please create better-quality images in the future. I look forward to your reply :+1:

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Dear @JernejV ,

Thanks in advance for your help, this is a custom field, so i’ve just ddps.
In fact im tryin to figure out one line for each delivry location, and the sum of the other column.
In attached template I mostly got what I need but I still get multiple lines for each delivery location. I think I got problem on Group TE.:

PSAProjInvoice.Report.docx (169.9 KB)
SIProjInvoiceTest.ddsp (318.6 KB)

Hello Momo,

Please take a look at the attached template if you had this in mind.
PSAProjInvoice.Report (edited 2023-01-12).docx (169.4 KB)

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@ALOT That’s perfect !! thanks a lot