How to merge attachements (PDF) DocReportAttachmentDetail form

Dear community,

Our customer is using the free edition. Our customer asks if it is possible to merge PDF files we can attach in the Doc ReportAttachmentDetail form. We would extend this form with a button “Merge PDF”.The plan is that when user click this button, an extra line(record) in the form grid should be created which contains all PDF attachment combined in one file. Do yours have any clue how to achieve this (with X++)? Is there already an example in the Docentric logic or Dynamics 365 standard?

Hello Ronald, welcome to Docentric Forum! :slightly_smiling_face:

Please go ahead and check our article titled Append PDF Product Specifications to Printed Purchase Orders in D365FO ( This resource not only provides valuable information but also includes a detailed example of the custom code necessary to implement the solution effectively.

I hope you find this content insightful and helpful for your needs.