How to generate Datamatrix GS1 barcode

Hello Docentric,

For GS1-128 you can adding a prefix character 'ñ ’ (FNC1), but with Datamatrix this doesnt work. It’s posible use other character or other way for generate datamatrix gs1?


Hello Fernando,

I’m planning to conduct a few tests for generating DataMatrix GS1-128. Once I complete the tests, I’ll update you on the results.

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Perfect, thanks. We need this feature for our business

For some readers it works with ‘è’ as FNC1 character (try concat(‘è’, ‘01034531200000111719112510ABCD1234’)).
General solution would be to support GS1 symbologies in Docentric designer. That is in plan, but no date confirmed yet.
As a workaround you can also create barcode image with external library (ex. ZXing.Net) in DSP class.

I tried with character è and doesnt work. :frowning: . I hope a easy solution like special character.


Hi Fernando, can you check if this barcode works for you?

Hi Miha, Its work perfectly :slight_smile: thanks