How to fix missing method error on executing "Bill of materials where-used" report

In Docentric SSRS replicas version 3.4.7 a bug was introduced that gives the following error message:

Error executing code: BomPartOfDPV2 object does not have method 'updateRecord_DR'

A hotfix will be issued for this bug (version and nothing special will need to be done on upgrade.

To fix this issue before the hotfix is released, we can manually change the code by just changing the ‘if’ clause at line 20 of the class BOMHierarchyReport_DR_Extension, method sendData() with this:

if (dictClass != null && SysDictClass::isEqualOrSuperclass(classIdGet(srsReportRDPClass), classNum(BOMConsistOfDP)) && dictClass.hasObjectMethod(methodStr(BOMConsistOfDP, updateRecord_DR)))

The fixed class can also be downloaded here.