How to design a check

I am figuring out how to generate a check within D365. However, do you know where the DDSP would be ‘ready for download from the browser’ ? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

00 check

The DDSP file should download in your browser just like any other file (in Chrome you will see it in the bottom of its window).

If you would like to design checks, I recommend watching my webinar on MS Dynamics World in September. You will learn some useful design techniques there. Here’s the link to this webinar >>

For the next version of Docentric replicas we will also add new check templates that are easier to customize and more robust. I am adding these new designs in case you want to use one of them unchanged or for further customization.

Check_US.Report_CheckInTheMiddle_2Slips.docx (81.4 KB)
Check_US.Report_CheckOnTheBottom_1Slip.docx (72.6 KB)
Check_US.Report_CheckOnTheBottom_2Slips.docx (80.0 KB)
Check_US.Report_CheckOnTheTop_1Slip.docx (73.5 KB)
Check_US.Report_CheckOnTheTop_2Slips.docx (81.2 KB)

Thanks! I will look at the webinar.

I am able to get the template, but have been unsuccessful at getting the DDSP file. I think the problem is the Print management setting at the module level…. However, so far I am unable to locate which module the checks are in?

Hi William,

If you will watch the webinar, you will see how I was printing them there.

The templates that I attached are done in the same fashion as the check on the webinar. I would encourage you to use one of these designs, because you will have more control over the design.

Hi, I am developing a template and I brought it into D365 Docentric, then walked through with the user creating checks which would have additional data in the ddsp file.

So, I then want to edit the Word Template additionally using the newly generated DDSP file. The problem is that when you change the data source in Word – you lose all linking the fields with the data and have to redo every single field – is there another way to change the data source?

You shouldn’t lose all the binding when you load new DDSP file - unless you used totally different DSP class for generating it.

I think that is exactly what the problem was: I have been generating a new DDSP that generates more data.

But, would that be the case when say later something is added or changed – we would need to redo all fields on the template if a new data source is attached?

When you load data from a new DDSP file into the template, the bindings are preserved if the data schema is the same. If it is different, some bindings may be lost.

If you have introduced some new records and attributes in the data source, you need to (re)create the bindings only for them, while the fields where the data schema has not changed should remain bound.