Free Text Invoice printing error


We have upgraded to version 3.4.6 overnight and cannot print the Free Text Invoices, we are receiving this error - Cannot edit a record in FreeTextInvoiceTmp (FreeTextInvoiceTmp). The record has never been selected.

Do you have any advice on what could be causing this?

Thank you

Hi @Jane,

Welcome to the Docentric community.

This error message is likely not related to Docentric, but to make sure, please disable this report in the Report table (change the flag Is active > No ):

This will exclude Docentric from the pipeline.

Next, save the settings and run the same report again. Do you still see the same error message? If so, this proves that the error is related to some other issue in the pipeline and not Docentric.

However, if the error message is not there, we will be happy to assist with further troubleshooting.

Let me know how it goes.