Free Text Invoice Help


I am wondering if anyone has been able to add to free text invoice the customer order account, name and address. I don’t see these fields available to pull in.

Please see the attached screenshot.

Any help is truly appreciated!

Free Text Invoice.docx (98.9 KB)

Hello Rudi,

Thank you very much for reaching out with your question.

It seems that you are referring to the Customer transactions form under All Customers > Transactions.

To ensure clear communication in the future, could you please provide us with the exact steps to access the forms you refer to? Screenshots are also welcome, and you can paste them directly into the post :+1:

Regarding your question, based on our analysis, the data you highlighted in the voucher appears to be already present in the Free text invoice data source (DDSP). Specifically, you may want to check the following data fields: InvoiceId and InvoicingName:

Please check these two fields in the report template (or in the DDSP) and let us know if this answers your question. If you have further questions or need additional help, please do not hesitate to ask.

Thank you Jernej

I have created a free text invoice but can’t seem to get the delivery name or address onto the document. Please see the screenshots below. The invoice name and address works, just not the delivery address.

Hello @Rudi,

Upon closer examination, I found that the requested data fields are currently not included in the data source. To address this, customization of the data source will be necessary to incorporate the missing data. Fortunately, with Docentric, this process can be streamlined.

There are three viable methods to achieve this:

  1. Standard SSRS way: This involves extending the standard D365FO RDP tables and DP classes, following guidelines provided in Microsoft documentation. While effective, this approach requires X++ developers with a strong grasp of the D365FO data model.
  2. Docentric way: This method, often preferred by our partners and customers already familiar with Docentric, involves extending Docentric DSP classes. Attending our Technical training is required to gain proficiency in this approach. An overview of this method can be found in this manual.
  3. ER way: Another viable option outlined in Microsoft documentation involves modifying the ER model and model mapping configurations. Proficiency in Electronic reporting is essential to undertake this approach.

We suggest contacting your implementation partner to add the missing data fields. In case you need help, you or your partner can reach out to us at any time.