Fast and Efficient Docentric Support Process - Your Contribution Matters!

At Docentric, our commitment is to provide top-tier support with minimal response times while continually enhancing our processes for efficiency and optimization. Our ultimate objective is your complete satisfaction, and your active involvement can greatly contribute to achieving this goal.

Engage and contribute to our Community

Our forum is a valuable resource where our support team and user community share solutions and insights, enabling quicker issue resolution and fostering knowledge-sharing. Join discussions, connect with Docentric experts, and contribute to our community by posting your questions here.

Guidelines to help you get started

1. Search for existing answers

Before posting your question on the forum or reaching out directly to Docentric Support, browse through our existing resources to find solutions to similar issues:

2. Choose your channel

If your question is suitable for public discourse (free of sensitive data), we encourage you to initiate a discussion within our Docentric Community Forum as the initial step before contacting Docentric Support.

For matters involving sensitive data, customers with a paid and active standard maintenance and support package should reach out to Docentric Support directly. Learn more about the Support and Maintenance Policy.

3. Prepare your post/support request

After selecting your preferred channel, prepare your post/support request. For swift assistance, please ensure you include all relevant details:

  • A clear description and a screenshot of the issue.
  • Screenshots illustrating detailed steps resulting in the issue.
  • A list of steps you’ve already taken during your troubleshooting.
  • The steps needed to reproduce the issue.
  • A summary of the expected results.
  • Which resources you’ve already checked (so we don’t recommend the same ones).
  • When relevant, error messages, preferably copied as text.
  • Any additional data that might prove helpful in troubleshooting the issue.

Template-related issues

For template-related issues, please also include:

  • The most recent version of the template where the issue is present.
  • A relevant data source that will allow us to replicate the issue in your template.

Technical or Functional Issues (non-template-related)

For technical or functional issues, additionally include:

  • D365FO and Docentric versions in your environment.
  • In which environment issue is the issue present (for example development, production, etc.).
  • If relevant, trace files.

A heartfelt thank you for your contributions

In summary, active participation in the Docentric Community Forum not only expedites issue resolution but also contributes to a collaborative environment that benefits all users. Together, we are constructing a robust public knowledge base aimed at reducing response times, enhancing support, and fostering a thriving community.

Your engagement is invaluable in reaching our goal to offer our users the best support in the industry.