Error on access in Docentric Parameters Form

I’ve an issue that happen only in Production environment. Trying to open Docentric Parameters form (but also Docentric Parameters workspace) we get this error:
Attempt by method ‘Docentric.AX.Licensing.DocAxLicenseManager.#=zEQZbIpsgSbav()’ to access type ‘Docentric.Licensing.ProductReleaseDateAttribute’ failed.

Docentric version is 3.4.1 with free license.
D365F&O version is 10.0.39 - PU63 (7.0.7198.90)
but in other environments, like for example UAT at the same identical PU, with same installed package of Production, everything work well.

Could you please help us to understand how to solve this issue?

Thank you

Hi Francesco,

Can you please check Docentric version once again if it is correct?
Docentric AX 3.4.1 dates back to July 2021 and if you really use it, you’ll need to upgrade it.

Hi Albin,
thank you for this message.

Yes I confirm that the version is quite old but if there is a change to do (installing new version) is something we have to agree with our customer.

Anyway, customer ask how is it possible that everything works well in each sat (Tier2+) environment but not in Production, in consideration that D365F&O and Docentric version are identical (even the database because the different behavior is still present after a db restore from production).

Any other suggestion?

Thanks a lot

Hi @Francesco,

I hope you understand that many factors, including a single flag enabled by Microsoft in the environment, can cause different behaviors. Since D365F&O is always changing, we need to keep it compatible with new Docentric releases.

Therefore, we always suggest upgrading Docentric when upgrading the D365F&O. This is the only way we can ensure compatibility.

Thank you.

Hi Amir,
yes I completely understand and I’m totally agree with you, but in general for the upgrade of Docentric software, is something we have to talk with our customer, in order to plan the activity.

Thank you