Error message showing preventing processing

Good morning,

We’ve encountered an issue this morning where an error message is showing when processing multiple remittance advices. This error happened in the past as some of our suppliers do not have an email address. However, the error now pops up and has to be “Okayed” before the next supplier remittance is processed. Meaning a remittance advice run has to be monitored manually rather than running away in the background. This worked without the error message popping up until Friday. We have deployed other code over the weekend but none that should have affected this process.


Hi Michael,

Based on your description I recommend you to set Email tokens and printing redirections, where you can redirect a report without email recipients to some other print destination. Please, read the following How-to manual:

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Thanks Albin, that’s done exactly what I wanted it to do and also added an extra layer of verification that we can now see which reports have not sent correctly.