Email with Attachments setup Required docentricAX full license?


We are using DocentricAX set in D365FO in Purchase Order. we have setup for the attachments.

DocentricAX full licensing is required to use Email with the attachments rule in D365FO?

While Purchase order confirmation we are getting below error.


Hi Shweta,

When you install the Docentric replica model using the Docentric Free Edition, you gain access to various features that enhance the user experience in D365FO. These include out-of-the-box report-specific placeholders and improved print archive and emailing options. To understand the benefits of the replica model in conjunction with the Docentric Free Edition, I recommend referring to the manual How to Use Docentric Replicas With Free Edition.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that the Docentric designs included with the replica model cannot be used with the Docentric Free Edition. This is why you are encountering the error. To resolve it, set Use only print destinations to Yes in the Docentric report setup for the specific report resulting in the error.

Hi Amir

Thanks for the response.

I tried with your provided settings but I’m still getting the same issue.

I’ve below queries,

  1. Can we send Email with the docentric setup attachments settings if I’ve DocentricAX free addition?
  2. If we have DocentricAX free Addition, do we need extra code to intercept email process and send attachment with it?
  3. Can we use this setup in Free addition? Email an invoice with additional attachments from D365FO

Thanks for your support.

Hi Shweta,

Adding additional email attachments through the user interface is included only in the Full Edition version. The Email an invoice with additional attachments from D365FO article you linked in your comment describes the process through the user interface. With that in mind, as a Docentric Free Edition, you cannot take advantage of the process described in this blog post.

Your development team, though, can add the logic for adding the additional attachments through code: Add additional email attachments and change the selected template.

Got it, Will check the blog.

Thanks Eva