Email attachment name @DocumentName@ contains unresolved placeholders


I’m receiving the following error when printing an invoice using print management.
Neither the Email destination nor the File destination works

When I put my email address and a standard text in the subject it works.

Thank you

Hello Ima,

As the error message says, the placeholder you currently use for file naming cannot be resolved.

Most likely, the @DocumentName@ placeholder is not one of the placeholders you can use for this report. To verify, please open the setup and check the Attachment name:

Next, click the Placeholders button and verify if the placeholder you use for the attachment file name is listed:

Please let me know your findings, and we will suggest the next steps.

Hi Jernej,

The placeholder exists in the placeholders list, I copied it from there.
The others exist too
Thank you

Hello @Ima,

Is this placeholder one of your custom placeholders, implemented in the DSP class, or did you create a user-defined placeholder? Please send me a screenshot like this one:

Then, in case this is a user-defined placeholder (see above), we need to take a closer look at the expression you used for it. Click the button below to access the User-defined placeholders form:

Search for @DocumentName and select it so we can see both the expression and the result (example below) and attach the screenshot:

If, on the other hand, your placeholder is a custom placeholder implemented in the DSP class, you need to talk to your developer or implementation partner to see why the placeholder does not resolve as expected.


Thank you for your reply,

some are userdefined, and others are custom placeholders

when I export the ddsp file, data is filled in these placeholders

Hello @Ima, I understand.

Please open the Print management settings and select the Email destination. Enable the setting below (1) and specify a static file name without any placeholders (2):

Next, scroll down to the Body section and insert the same placeholder in the body - example below:

Note you can access the list of placeholders via the P button above.

With the modified setup, please print the invoice that previously resulted in the error message. An eml file should download to the browser that you can open with Outlook. This allows you to verify the value of the placeholder in the body of the email.

Please attach the generated file or a screenshot of the result.

Hi @JernejV ,

I’ve done as suggested, but it seems like the placeholders are not “converted” it only shows the name and not the value

I already thought so. Thank you for the confirmation. We now need to investigate why this is happening. Please send us the sample DDSP from this form:

Next, open the Report setup and activate the generation of the data source.

Print the report again so that a new DDSP file is generated, and send us both files. If you do not want to attach the files publicly here, I suggest sending them to

In that case, please also add a link to this thread so that my colleagues can read our discussion so far. It would also be good if you sent the screenshot below without the black marks:

We will update the thread here after the case is resolved. Thank you!

Thank you @JernejV , I’ve sent an email with the requested documents.

Hi Ima,

Thank you, I can confirm we received the DDPS file. I’ll have a look and continue the correspondence in the ticket.