DSP for EntAssetWorkOrderFullReport.Report

Hi, is there a DSP class for the EntAssetWorkOrderFullReport.Report? I can see the SSRS but no DSP when I try to set it up.

Hi @CCC!

As the EntAssetWorkOrderFullReport.Report is currently not accessible as a Docentric Replica template, we haven’t created a specific DSP class tailored for this report.

Nevertheless, you can go ahead and try to register a new report in Docentric and utilize the default Docentric DSP (Data Source Provider) class - DocDataSourceProviderSrsReporting. This class is responsible for generating the report’s data source, known as DDSP (Docentric Data Source Package). It plays a crucial role in preparing metadata such as Vend/Cust ID, Purch/Sales ID, Document ID, and more. This metadata is essential for Custom placeholders, Print archive, Additional email attachments, and the process of saving to Attachments.