Docentric PDF Viewer Not Displaying Reports Correctly for Specific Users? Here Are Some Troubleshooting Tips!

You’ve successfully installed Docentric, and everything is running smoothly (as usual :wink:). Then, out of nowhere, the reports are no longer displayed correctly or remain empty in Docentric PDF viewer. Perhaps one or more users have brought this issue to your attention.

How could this happen? What could be the cause of these unexpected problems?

Let’s explore these questions together and find solutions:

  • First, ensure you’re using the latest version of Docentric.
  • Also, observe how the report behaves in Docentric Designer when uploading the DDSP file of the affected report.
  • Additionally, check for any issues with the standard SSRS report and standard SSRS report print destination.

However, based on my experience, these issues often stem from the user’s environment and account settings. Therefore, it’s best to start troubleshooting on the user’s system where the problem is occurring.

Here are a few things you should check:

Web Browser:

Web browsers can interpret data differently and may have bugs. It’s a good idea to try accessing your D365FO environment using different browsers to see if the issue is browser-related. If you’re restricted to a specific browser, ensure it’s updated to the latest version.


Clearing User Cache and Cookies:

Dynamics also stores some user data in the background to enhance site responsiveness. This cached data, along with cookies, might be causing the problem. You could try clearing both the cache and cookies to see if it resolves the issue.

Disable Use Graphics Acceleration:

Sometimes, enabling graphics acceleration in the browser settings can lead to display issues. Try disabling this feature in your browser settings to see if it improves the situation.

Open Documents with PDF.js:

Consider using another tool such as PDF.js to load documents in the affected environment and observe its performance.

Switching to Different Report Viewer

If the issue persists, consider switching to a different report viewer within Docentric parameters to see if it makes a difference.

So, those are the steps that should solve most cases, but I’m eager to hear from you too. Did any of these tricks work in your case? Have you discovered other helpful solutions? Share your experiences with us - together we can make troubleshooting a easy for everyone!

This is quite interesting. I have a similar issue… The invoice report works OK with the Docentric PDF viewer in UAT but the same setup in PROD does not show anything in PROD with Edge although it works with Chrome. Both Edge and Chrome work fine in UAT.

It does work when I change to Browser PDF viewer

Hi @javirrubio,

Are all your web browsers up to date with the latest version?

Is it possible that the PDF viewer is disabled in Edge?

Additionally, could you run a test for me? Here are two URLs you need to open on the client’s side where they’re experiencing issues. Once the PDF viewer opens, just drag and drop the PDF file

Out of the box viewer (replace the domain name):

Docentric viewer (replace the domain name):

Then send me screenshots from both URLs once you’ve completed this test.

Hi Amir,

Thanks for the reply. Asking to your questions:

  • Yes, I have the latest versions of Edge and Chrome.
  • PDF is enabled

Regarding both URLs:

Hi @javirrubio,

thai is strange that on my system, no new windows open; it simply loads the new file.

Are you experiencing the same issue across all systems, or is it limited to specific systems?