Docentric Executing Twice

Hi all, whenever I tried executing my instance of Docentric it will execute it twice and I have check all of my print management settings and can not find the solution. Here is my print management setting for this customer:

I have also turned on tracing and in the DocTraceTable I can see it ran twice every time I execute it from printing the report from Print management:

Any help on this will be greatly appreciated!!

Hi WingShiu,

If I’m understanding correctly, is this issue isolated to just one customer while others are printing normally? Have you considered checking for any print management overrides that might be specific to this customer?

Take a moment to review the forum post we have about identifying print management overrides:

Once you’ve had the opportunity to do that, we can continue from there.

Hi Amir, I have had the opportunity to look at identifying the overrides but have trouble finding where the override is located. I have changed the Docentric setting to print out to screen so to see if the issue persist and indeed it shows the report to the screen twice so I looked at the trace after making the following trace parameters:

After making the trace parameter changes I ran the report again and looked at the Trace Log and can not find any entry with the word “override” in the log:

I then removed the all print management setting in the customer and then looked at the Docentric Workspace and in the count for the “Settings including overrides” I notice there are still 3 settings recorded:

At this point I am stuck in figuring out where those print management setting is located so any help will be greatly appreciated!

Hi WingShiu,

Thank you for the update.
Since the issue seems to be occurring only for specific customers, I believe it would be a good idea to start by reviewing the print settings overrides for this particular customer.

It’s unusual that there are no logs indicating overridden settings. Have you considered disabling a specific report from the Docentric report table and allowing only the standard SSRS to run? If you do that, what outcomes do you observe?

You can email us for support, and we can hop on a call to go through your settings together. This will make it easier to pinpoint the issue.

Hi Amir, I forgot to mention in my last response that I’ve also tried the following:

  • Using Docentric print out but using a standard SSRS report SalesInvoice.Report and again Docentric ran twice again

  • Use the same report THK_StyleWorkInvoiceRpt.WhalenGeneralInv but with a different customer and again Docentric ran twice

  • On the same customer using the same report if I set the print management like you shown in your screen cap in your reply to only use the standard print management then it would only execute once as shown in below screen cap of the trace in the last entry:

Any support that I can get will be greatly appreciated!!

Hi Wing,

I noticed you opened a ticket as well. I have already responded to you in that thread.

Considering I was asking for a printout of the tracing log, I believe it’s best we continue the conversation there because of the potentially sensitive data in the log.

Hi Eva, let’s continue on the email ticket. Thank you very much for your help!