Design of Report Having Blank Page


Our vendor had designed a new report and later got issues, but they couldn’t be able to solve the problem. We have Single Invoice and Batch Invoice. The Certain content will print for Single Invoice and Certain content will print for Batch Invoice. The Main issue with Single Invoice is we are getting blank pages in between It’s because we had added a Payment page at the end which need
to print for single and batch Invoices. I had tried different ways, but blank pages cannot be avoided for single Invoice. I am new to docentric AX. I am attaching the Word template with single and batch invoice DDSP files. I am also attached sample PDF for Single and batch. I will be grateful If anyone can assist to solve the issue.

Show invoice_Single.pdf (124.8 KB)
APCENSalesInvoiceExt.Report_Single.ddsp (333.0 KB)
Show invoice_Batch.pdf (121.7 KB)
APCENSalesInvoiceExt.Report_Batch.ddsp (358.4 KB)
SalesInvoice.Report_Changes_v.0.0.6_USA.docx (309.5 KB)


Hello Anil,

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We analyzed your template and it seems that, because of the height of the footer, the section break after the second table was continued on the next page, therefore creating an extra page.

You could fix this by slightly changing the height of the footer.
So, in Layout, go to Page Setup and change the value of Bottom from 10cm to 8cm.

Kind regards!

Hi Dalila,

Thanks, it works. I have a question in case in if there are more lines at Sales line level that problem will come again?

Hi Anil,

I have made more tests with your template and you are right - multiple sales lines can make the blank page appear again.
The reason for this is that there is a section break on the second page of the template. When the content above the section break is printed on one page, and the section break moves to the next page, it creates the new blank page.

One trick you can use is to select the paragraph containing the section break that appears below the second table and then decrease the size of the font (for example, to 3). That way, the section break will not take up as much space to be moved to the next page.

Kind regards!

Hi Dalila,

Please can you able to change in template and send me. So, i can look into it. I am new to docentric as i am learning. My vendor had done and left the templates halfway with lot of issues. I am fixing it accordingly. If you modify and send it to me, it will be really helpful. So, I can try from there.

Appreciate your help.

Hi Anil,

the edited template is attached.

SalesInvoice.Report_Changes_v.0.0.6_USA_edit.docx (309.1 KB)