DDSP File downloading affect our extension code


I am new to docentric. I was generating the report of vendor payment journal using docentric. While enabling the ddsp file generation while report run option. my customization code in extension class is not working. it will not display in the report.
Kindly assist me if i missed any property.

Payment advice.pdf (114.2 KB)
BankPaymAdviceVendV2.Report (10).ddsp (71.5 KB)



I can see that the template is from the customer with full edition license, so I will open a ticket in our support tool and we will answer from there.

Hi @ALOT ,

Thanks for your response. How long will it take ? How could i access the support tool?


Please be so kind as to send an email to which will open a ticket in our system. We were hoping to open it for you but without your business email, were unable to.

We appreciate your help.

Hi @EvaZ ,

Here business email is can you please open a ticket and sent ticket details , responsible person to this business email.

Thanks for your understanding.