Conditional Email Report Setting Based on Current D3FO User

Hello, we are looking for a way to use Print Management settings to send emailed reports using a customized ‘From’ email, depending on which user generates the report. For example, Bob has the user email but when he generates a Purchase order and emails it to the vendor, he wants the ‘From’ email to be, instead of the email account attached to his D3FO user.

Is it possible to create conditional Print Management settings based on the specific D3FO user generating the report, or another way to achieve this?

Hi Alex,

The first question here is which email provider you are using in D365FO. If you want the sender account to be from a different domain, you need to clear that with you system administrators and email administrators if that is at all possible in your environment.

If they confirm that it would be possible, contact us again and tell us which email provider will you be using.

Additionally, do you want all users to send emails from a different email domain?

Hi there, thanks for your response. Currently we are using Exchange as our email provider and in the process of migrating to GraphAPI. My understanding from speaking to our sysadmin is that it is possible to send from different domains in our environment. We only have a small number of users who would need to send emails from a different domain, so ideally there would be a way to facilitate this on a per-user basis, as needed for specific reports.

Hi Alex,

One possible solution would be to manually define a separate print destination for these users with their second email in the From field in the email settings (meaning not from the Print management).

If you were using Print management, you would need to somehow retrieve the information about the user and set the conditional print management. I am not sure if it’s possible to select the user - in any case, this is part of the default print management and not Docentric.

The simplest solution would be to use a group account in company B that defines the sender account. The users would then send via this account.

Kind regards,