Compare lists of data to find a common information

Hi all,

is there a possibility to compare two lists of data using variables in Docentric template?

For instance, in a list element with Column A and Column B, I want to iterate the list rows in order to find a common value to the two columns (like a for cycle).

Is there a particular function among the provided ones?

Thank you in advance for your answer.

Hi Pietro, welcome to the forum and thank you for your question.

Is it possible that there are several common values in the two lists you want to compare?

Since your question is rather general and could be misinterpreted, I’d like you to provide a sample document (not necessarily a template) illustrating what you want to achieve. Please also include some screenshots so we can understand the requirements as accurately as possible.

Hi Jernej,

thanks for your quick response.

In my case I’ve got this situation:


I need to group the first 3 customers, since as you can see second and third customers belong to the first one (because Invoice Account = Customer Account on first row).


The issue is that it’s not possible to group by Invoice Account, because on first row it’s blank, then it would group only the two customers with Invoice Account != ‘’.

Hope I’ve been clearer, thanks

Hi Pietro, thanks for the additional description and details.

If I understand your request correctly, you want to see the records grouped as we can see below in the last table, right?

If so, please send me the template you are working on in a private message, and I can help you implement the necessary changes.