Can't print/preview report


I am getting this error during quotation processing. Please see the parameters for reference.

Hi @GordongThinkpad

First of all welcome to the Docentric community!

The error is most likely coming from the template. That being said you can share it publicly on forum so we can look into it. If it contains sensitive data or you don’t want to share it publicly, please open a support ticket by sending an email to and attaching the template along with the DDSP file.

Hej @SemirT

I can generate the report in a different environment using the same template. I also found that this error is only found in 1 transaction. Other than the template, please advice any cause of this?

Hi @GordongThinkpad ,

In some scenarios the template is only one part of the story, there is different data coming in to the same template in two different environments so the data source also plays the role. Can you generate the DDSP on the env you are getting the error, load it to your template and generate PDF preview? Let me know if there are any errors there.

Hi @SemirT

I received the error below.

Is this data related?

Hi @GordongThinkpad ,

I suggest you send us the template and the DDSP in question so we can troubleshoot it. As I previously mentioned, our users prefer sending those type of files to as it may contain sensitive data. After resolution, if you agree, I can update this forum thread to help anyone experiencing the similar issue.