Can I use DEMI solution with Docentric free version?


I’m using Docentric free edition and I want to use DEMI solution to email invoices. I would also like to be able to save them to Azure Blob storage. Is that also possible with free version or do I need a paid version?


Hi Jay,

Let me first welcome you to the Docentric community. It is great to have you here!

I am happy to inform you that you can use Azure Blob Storage with the free version of Docentric as well.

Let me just clarify that the Azure Blob Storage setting only requires the full license of Docentric if you want to use an external Azure Blob Storage account instead of the default one. However, if you are using the feature for Emailing Multiple Invoices in combination with the default Azure Blob Storage, the free edition of Docentric is sufficient and can be used.

To use the default Azure Blob Storage in D365FO, you can simply leave the Azure storage account field empty. This will allow you to use the default storage without the need to configure a separate account.

This article explains Docentric Emailing Multiple Invoices solution in detail.

Let me know if you need any additional information. Of course you are welcome to send your inquiry to if you need any help.

Have a great day,

Hi Semir,

Thank you for explaining it, it is a really great feature! I will look into the article you shared, and will let you know if I run into any issue.