Array fields in D365F&O

We have a SSRS report that is based on the Query. The query contains an array type field. When I try to generate DDSP file I received the following error. Is there any way how I can show data from the array field in the template? I have tried to adjust DDSP file manually, but it doesn’t help

Hi @Andrii_Olishevskyi welcome to the community!

Is this a custom SSRS report or a standard SSRS report? If it is a standard can you tell us the name of the report so we can check?

Thank you.

It’s a custom SSRS report.

Troubleshooting custom SSRS reports can be tricky, as there are many potential factors to consider. A good starting point would be to attempt debugging to identify the issue.

Could you please confirm whether the standard SSRS report runs without any errors? Additionally, which DDSP class are you using?