Are there plans to be able to import document type placeholders please?

When I am setting up new Legal Entities, I use the Document Management Framework to copy over my Docentric settings from one legal entity to another, and it will be really useful if I am also able to copy the Document Type Placeholders as well. Even if there was an excel add-in, this would be preferable. My settings are essentially the same in each Sharepoint folder that I set up as I am using a template to create them, so the Placeholder and the Sharepoint column are the same, and currently it takes me quite a while to copy and paste all my lines in manually. Thanks.

Hi @sarahmccahon, thank you for bringing this to our attention.

We appreciate feedback from users to gather feature requests. After thorough research and assessing the feasibility, we are implementing some features into our product.

However, we need more details about your use case to see if and how Docentric can help you. Please contact me via private message to discuss the next steps.